December 2014

  1. Effect of body mass index on microvascular complications of type ii diabetes mellitus
    Dr. Rishabh Dangi, Dr. Vijay B. S Gaur
  2. Authorship trends and collaborative research in bharathiyar university research output: a scienometric study
    Vivekanandhan, S. and Bathri Narayanan, A.L.
  3. Use of fly ash as bio- pesticide for cotton plant
    Sengupta Ipshita and Tarar, J.L.
  4. Secondary correction of post-traumatic malar depression and orbital floor defect with iliac crest onlay graft and titanium mesh
    Dr. Kruti A. Shah, Dr. Hemal R. Brahmkshatriya, Dr.Rakesh Shah, Dr. Hardik R. Patel
  5. Sleep disorders in lebanese children: prevalence, relation with dietary habits, and impact on children’s behaviors
    Maya El Habbas, Mariam Rajab, Fouad Ziad and Bassem Abou Merhi
  6. Interpretation of relationship between density and micellization of copper (ii) soap complexes in binary solvent mixture
    Neha Mathur, Shobha Rastogi and Nisha Jain
  7. On user authentication for web resource access
    Thiyagarajan, M. and Ms. Chaitanya Raveendra