February 2015

  1. Cyanobacterial Biodiversity in Natural Mangrove vegetation of Paravanar Estuary at Poondiyankuppam, Cuddalore Coast, South East Coast of India
    K. Sivakamasundari and R. Rajendran
  2. Contribution of corporate social responsibility in corporate image management: a new dimension of profitability
    Dr. Alka Jain
  3. Effect of ocular dominance on visual evoked potential
    Dr. Anju Thakur Jha, Dr. Vijay B. S. Gaur, Dr. Parveen Siddiqui Yousuf and Dr. Swarna Biseria Gupta
  4. Effect of bmi on blood pressure among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients
    Dr. Vijay, B. S. Gaur and Dr. Rishabh Dangi
  5. Relationship between body mass index and simple reaction time of players
    Dr. Subhabrata Kar
  6. Refocus and attack insulin resistance
    Dr. Vijay B. S. Gaur and Dr. Bindu S. Gaur
  7. Climate analysis for greenhouse development in Ibadan, Nigeria
    Mijinyawa, Yahaya and Oyeniran, Temitope
  8. Awareness of menstruation and related problems among adolescent girls in ayder high school, Mekelle, 2013
    Kedir Endris, Gebre Yitayih and Marta Gebremeskel
  9. The extent of implementation of breastfeeding program on the knowledge and practice levels of primigravida and multipara mothers at selected Hospitals in Cebu City, 2012
    Dr. Wilbert Galeos Panerio and Gebre Yitayih Abyu