April 2015

  1. Spirituality at Workplace and Commitment to Change: The case of secondary school teachers in Malaysia
    Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah and Ying-Leh Ling
  2. Mining Comparators from Comparative Questions
    Akash Saindanvise, Laxmi Venkatraman Tejas Shelke and Varun Varia
  3. Determining factors of late HIV diagnosis in Northern Ethiopia
    Yassin Mohammed, Ephrem Mamo Gebrehiwot and Alemayehu Mekonnen
  4. Comparative anthropometry between Sickling and Non-Sickling individuals of local population of Raipur city of Chhattisgarh by measuring upper extremity length, mid arm circumference, maximum calf circumference and total lower extremity length
    Praveen Kumar Banjare, Manik Chatterjee, Dharam Singh Rathia, *Bichitrananda Roul and Praveen Kurrey
  5. A study of nutrient foramen in long bones of superior extremity in human being
    Bichitrananda Roul and Meena Goyal