July 2015

  1. Evaluation of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase in Gram Negative Urinary Isolates
    Dr. Subitha, B. and Dr. Sornajeyanthi, P.
  2. Plant Growth Promotion by Cellulolytic Actinomycetes (EGAS) from the gut of Earthworm, Eisenia Foetida
    Pavana Jyotsna, K. and Ramakrishna Rao, A.
  3. Anthropometric Study of Halba Tribe in Gariyab and District of Chhattisgarh State
    Manik Chatterjee, K. P. Mehra, K. Pandher, C. Banerjee and Dr. Bichitrananda Roul
  4. Periodontal Vaccine – A Review
    Dr. Shiva Manjunath, R. G., Dr. Arijit Sarkar, Dr. Deepak Singla, Dr. Akansha Singh, Dr. Subhango Chatterjee and Dr. Neeraj Chandra
  5. Effect of Energy Drinks’ (Synthetic and Natural) on locomotor activity of D.melanogaster
    Alwyn D’souza and Krishna, M. S.
  6. Comparative study of Aids Patients in four Regin by Using Stochastic Model
    Pandiyan, P., Bhuvana, V. S. and Lognathan. A.