August 2015

  1. Kala matar: an indigenous legume crop of spiti valley in the trans-himalayan cold desert of india facing threat of extinction
    Naveen Kumar, Gagandeep Singh and Daleep Kumar
  2. Structural equation modeling for identifying antecedents in strategic talent management practices and job design for innovation in Indian manufacturing firms
    Mr. Naresh Mehta, Pestonjee, D.M. and Dr. Khan, S.M.
  3. Inherent correlation between mathematical intelligence, reaction towardcalculus, teaching competence and calculuslearning outcome
    Dr. Waminton Rajagukguk, M.Pd
  4. The investigation of cryptosporidiosis during chemotherapy in cancer patients
    Semra ÖZÇELİK, Saadettin KILIÇKAP, Serpil DEĞERLİ
  5. Gene expression profile of ovarian cancer dataset that helps to predict potential biomarkers
    Divya, V., Anitha P. Muttagi, Seema J Patel, Gurumurthy, H. and Prashantha Nagaraja
  6. Intercultural factors affecting consumer behavior
    Maria Papadopoulou
  7. Trace elements in human nutrition
    Michael T Deans and Cantab