August 2017

  1. Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria from sewage waters in Imphal city - A community health aspect
    Sanasam Suranjit and Oinam Shashikumar Singh
  2. In vitro evaluation of the efficiency of fungal endophytes against the phytopathogens of solanum tuberosum l.
    Manna Chibra N. Marak and Highland Kayang
  3. Isolation of salmonella from spoiled food samples and enriching phages to evaluate possible control measure for salmonella
    Asha Salunke, Hemal Makani and Naeem Abdulameer Darweesh
  4. Majestic mesiodens: A collective report of 4 cases and their management by surgical intervention
    Dr. Mansi Jain, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Anupriya Kaushik and Dr. Jiten Sharma
  5. Detection of few adulterants in samples of milk collected from animal owner in front of me and stall vendor’s at bikaner
    Neeru Gakkhar, Anita Bhatia and Bhojak, N.