The anodyne necklace: dental quackery- a challenge to dentistry: A review

Dr. Srinivasan, K. and Dr. Chitra, S.

Quackery is prevalent in Dentistry from the last many decades. Modern Dental quacks are super salesmen. They play on fear. They cater to hope and once they have you, they'll keep you coming back for more and more. Seldom do their victims realize how often or how skillfully they are cheated. Many quacks are practicing on roadside as Denturists and making money by fixing artificial teeth or extracted teeth as such on edentulous sites. It is high time for the Dentists to tackle quackery both for the health of patients and save this prestigious profession. Quackery is a derogatory term used to describe the fraudulent misinterpretation of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Quackery is prevalent in Dentistry due to lack of awareness about Dentistry, high charges or unequal distribution of Dentists. A Quack could be a self styled expert, making himself out to be the director or president of an important sounding scientific society. But the quack differs from the ethical practitioner in that the quack's basic tools are incompetence and fraud. The treatment provided by them is often far below the normal set standards for sterilization and therefore the chances of a patient being exposed to life threatening conditions such as Hepatitis B, C and AIDS at their end is far more than at the hands of a qualified Dental practitioner. The main aim was to evaluate problems related to practice of quack Dentistry and professionalism.

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