Cereal crops diversification and food security in central Darfur State – Sudan

Adam Salih Abaker Sabahelkheir and Thabit Ahmed Hassan

This paper aims to study the impact of food crops diversity on food security at household level, with emphasis on cereal crops diversity in Central Darfur State. Respondents were se-lected and interviewed. A multiple linear regression model and descriptive analysis for socio-economic factors and population characteristics were used. Results revealed the vital role played by women for household food security. Farmers grow cereal cultivars, early maturing varieties, and late maturing varieties, and they make use of this diversity to help ensure food security. The average productivity of cereals was 336.5 kgs and 272.6 kgs per feddan for sorghum and millet respectively. Regression results indicated, that crop area, rain and crop price, were significant factors in explaining both millet and sorghum productivity variation in Central Darfur state.

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