Comparative anthropometry between Sickling and Non-Sickling individuals of local population of Raipur city of Chhattisgarh by measuring upper extremity length, mid arm circumference, maximum calf circumference and total lower extremity length

Praveen Kumar Banjare, Manik Chatterjee, Dharam Singh Rathia, *Bichitrananda Roul and Praveen Kurrey

Studies on child growth and development have always occupied an important position in the scientific research curriculum and are of interest to the researchers of both Medical Science and Physical Anthropology all over the world. Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) is a hereditary anemia, predominantly seen amongst various tribal populations of India. This problem decreases the amount of oxygen flowing to body tissues which affects growth and nutritional status of individuals. In present study, 316 subjects of Raipur city [157 cases (sickling) + 159 controls (non-sickling) were taken and various anthropometric measurements sitting height, upper extremity length, maximum calf circumference, arm length, mid arm circumference and total lower extremity length were obtained. After analysis of data of above parameters, we found that Upper extremity length, Mid arm circumference, Maximum calf circumference and Total lower extremity length of cases were less than that of controls for both male and female. Significant differences were observed in Upper extremity length and Maximum calf circumference.

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