Contribution of corporate social responsibility in corporate image management: a new dimension of profitability

Dr. Alka Jain

Corporate Image Management is being used as a marketing tool these days by individuals and organization. Though the concept of corporate image management was originated with a feeling for upliftment of downtrodden members of the society and it was supposed to help the people with a non profit motive. This way perhaps the business tycoons were trying to give back to the economy, what they had taken from it. Image management helps in good customer relationship management because it touches the heart of the customer. As per Steven Howard, whatever touches a customer, becomes a marketing tool. The same has happened with the concept of Corporate Image Management. If corporate social initiatives help the customer and the company both, then of course, they are worth studying and a lot of research actions should focus towards them. A good corporate image is helpful in better relationships between the company and community. Steven Howard comments on the present scenario of corporate image management in the following words, “A weak or strong corporate image can make a significant difference in terms of a company's sales volume and its stock price. It will also affect the marketability and acceptability of the company's products, services and human resources.” Such statements have been the source of inspiration for this study.

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