A corrective approach in the treatment of traumatic deep bite in a paediatric patient with exarticulation of maxillary lateral incisor

Dr. Anupriya Kaushik, Dr Hindpal Bhatia, Dr Vipin Ahuja and Dr Jiten Sharma

Aesthetic impairment and trauma to the palatal or lower labial gingivae are frequently reported by persons with the problem of Deep Bite. Extremely deep overbite can be associated with damage to the periodontium on the lingual surface of the maxillary incisors. Removable biteplate appliances to reduce the overbite can be used for children who have less than normal eruption of the posterior teeth and reduced facial height. An anterior biteplate is incorporated into a removable appliance so that the mandibular incisors occlude with the plastic plane lingual to the maxillary incisors. This prevents the posterior teeth from occluding and encourages their eruption. The appliance must be worn full-time during this phase of treatment. Once the proper vertical dimension has been established, the bite plane must continue to be worn at night as a retainer, or the anterior teeth will erupt and the deep bite will return.

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