The distribution of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in the female genital tract of haemonchus contortus (nematoda)

Jatinderpal Singh

In Haemonchus contortus, the concentration of various metabolites differs in different regions of female genital system. An adequate quantity of carbohydrates is found in the ovarian epithelium. Though a high quantity of glycogen is evidenced in ovarian epithelium and rachis but the protoplasmic processes connecting the oogonia to the rachis are completely devoid of the same. Both structural as well as cytoplasmic proteins are found in abundance in the female reproductive organs. The ovarian epithelium of the growth zone in particular depicts a high concentration of general as well as – NH2 bound proteins. The concentration of proteins gradually decreases in the epithelium of growth zone of ovaries, seminal receptaculum and uterus. The genital epithelium is basically lipoidal in nature and lipids seem to be a major constituent of the outer fibrous layer of vagina.

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