Effect of ocular dominance on visual evoked potential

Dr. Anju Thakur Jha, Dr. Vijay B. S. Gaur, Dr. Parveen Siddiqui Yousuf and Dr. Swarna Biseria Gupta

Objective: To assess effect of dominance of eye on VEP recording by using LED goggle. Methods: We studied 300 candidates of both sex (right eye dominant N= 200, F=82, M=118 and left eye dominant N=100, F=45, M=55). The results were evaluated. Results: Normative value for latency of P100 for LED goggle recording is 87.3ms. For right eye dominant candidates mean value of latency of N75 for right eye is 62.999ms and for left eye 65.729ms and p-value is 0.0089 and mean values for P100 for right eye was 85.393ms& left eye was 88.890ms and p-value is 0.0284. For left eye dominant candidates mean value for N75 for right eye 69.546ms & for left eye 64.936ms and p-value was 0.0024 and mean value for P100 for right eye 93.584ms & for left eye 88.484ms and p-value 0.0258. Conclusion: Latency of N75 and P100 is lesser in dominant eye and in population ratio of right to left eye dominance is 3:1 thus dominance of eye should be determined prior to recording.

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