Effect of Semi-Ripe Carica papaya Fruit Extracts on the Reproductive Structures in Female Albino Rats - An Histological Study

Punitha, N., Shettu, N. and Saravanan, R.

The aim of the present investigation is to analyse the mechanism of action of aqueous extract of seeded papaya fruit pulp and seed extract administered as a combined dose and seedless variety papaya fruit pulp extract on ovarian and uterine function in female albino rats. The experimental animals were divided into three groups, Group - I served as control, experimental Group - II received combined papaya pulp and seed extract from seeded fruits and experimental Group - III received papaya pulp extract from seedless fruits. Experimental groups were orally administered with the extract (1gm / kg / body weight) for 60 days. These results indicate that Carica papaya semi-ripe seeded and seedless fruit pulp extract possess antifertility effects.

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