Effects of some additives on cryopreservation of black bengal buck (capra hircusbengalensis) semen

Krishna Prasad Mukherjee, Siddhartha Basu, Ajit Kumar Sahoo, Uttam Datta and Somraj Chattaraj

Forty eight pooled ejaculates collected from 24 adult Black Bengal bucks were cryopreserved in Liquid Nitrogen with Tris - Egg yolk - Citric Acid - Fructose - Glycerol (TEYCAFG) extender as control. Efficacy of EDTA (0.1% w/v), lactose (2% w/v), ascorbic acid (0.02% w/v) and L-cysteine (0.1% w/v), added individually as additives in control medium, were evaluated independently on different post thaw seminal attributes, viz, motility, viability, morphological abnormalities, acrosomal and plasma membrane integrity (HOST). All the seminal characters were compared with TEYCAFG (control). Seminal attributes were significantly (P<0.05) higher when the semen samples were treated with EDTA and lactose, whereas L-cysteine treated samples exhibited significant (P<0.05) lower impact on different seminal characters. However, incorporation of ascorbic acid did not have any significant (P<0.05) cryoprotective effect. The experiment thus demonstrate that EDTA and lactose as additive, had better cryoprotectivity on Black Bengal buck semen. This new findings could have better prospective to improve the quality of Black Bengal buck semen during crypopreservation to save the genetic material for improving the breed.

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