Impact of seed distribution on subsistence farming production in zalingei area of central Darfur State – Sudan

Thabit A. Hassan and Adam Salih Abaker

The agricultural sector is the main source of sustained growth and the backbone of Sudan’s economy in terms of contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). In Darfur Region in western Sudan, the population is predominantly rural consisting of about 89 per cent of the total with the main occupation of the people being agriculture, as their main source of food and income. The sampling technique adopted was simple random sampling while a semi-structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The analysis data explained that 84.4% of the respondents are females. Also the data revealed that about 49% of the respondents are Internal Displaced People (IDPs), because of conflict which started since 2002 in Great Darfur. The main source of seeds in the study area is mainly from previous crops (46.4%) where social network and NGOs/ Government shared by about 27% and 9.6% respectively.


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