Incentive scheme to senior high school teachers of Medan City impacted to their performance

Dr. Nasrun, M.S

This research merely served to look into immediate effects of incentive scheme on performance of Senior High School Teachers around Medan City. Conducted with explanatory research by means of bearing ex post facto method then prompted consideration which appertained to non-experiment. The ex post facto is subject to examine a proposed hypothesis that of there a significant impact between free variable of awarding incentive and bound variable. Sampling population imposed to Senior High School teachers around Medan City of 241 teachers. Defined with descriptive statistical analysis and inferential analysis. Data prepared by computer program of SPSS 18 for windows. Adhered to inferential analysis by technically path analysis whereby significant stage a = 0.05 there coefficient path value of 0.350 in facts, reflecting that awarding incentive variable contributed immediate positive effect and significant toward Medan City Senior High School teachers’ accomplishments.

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