Influence of boiling temperature levels and durations on the physical quality of different rhizome set types of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)

Shibru Zerihun Fenta, Ali Mohammed, Girma Hilemichael and John Barnabas

In Southern Asia, turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), family Zingiberaceae, is a tropical herb that is indigenous Primary processing is still being done with traditional means leading to many post harvest quality losses, hence studies were necessary to investigate the role of different boiling durations and temperature levels on the quality of turmeric. Accordingly, the result of this study revealed that almost all of the parameters on physical quality considered were significantly affected by the treatments or their interaction effects. The interaction effect among temperature levels, boiling durations and rhizome set types manifested significant variations in respect of corkish layer and length shrinkage.The interaction effect between boiling temperature levels and durations significantly affected the duration of drying, rhizome color and powder color; and that of between temperature levels and rhizome set types were affected by drying duration and curing percentage. Rhizome set types presented significant effect on color of whole rhizome and powder. Curing percent significant differed according to boiling durations.

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