Investigation of the chemical composition of artificial cell seeds: sphingosine-dna bound components from extract of the meat from adult ascidians

Shoshi Inooka

Objective: To examine the components from the meat of adult ascidians (H-extract) that bound to sphingosine-DNA. Methods: High performance liquid chromatograpy (HPLC) was used to examine the components of the H-extract fraction that bound to sphingosine-DNA. Results: At least 15 such components were detectd in the HPLC analysis. Of these 15 components, three were nucleosides-uridine,guanocine, and thymidine. These findings showed that at least 15 distinct components, including multiple nucleosides, bound to Sph-DNA. Also, small particles were formed when uridine alone was added to Sph-DNA, Conclusion: At least one type of artificial cell seeds comprised just three compounds;Sph,DNA, and uridine. The extract fraction that contributed to seed formation contained at least 15 components, including the nucleosides uridine, guanosine, and thymidine. Additionally, seeds for generating artificial cells could be produced by combining Sph-DNA with uridine.

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