Isolation of salmonella from spoiled food samples and enriching phages to evaluate possible control measure for salmonella

Asha Salunke, Hemal Makani and Naeem Abdulameer Darweesh

Food borne pathogen, Salmonella spp. was isolated and characterized from spoiled food samples. In order to develop control strategy and to eradicate this pathogen, bacteriophages were isolated from river water samples. Isolated bacteriophages showed large clear plaques indicating presence of lytic phages with higher infectivity and burst size of 712 x 105 PFU/ml. Genome size of the bacteriophage was approximately 33967 bp with 3 fragments yielded from AluI restriction and 2 fragments from MluI restriction. EcoRI and HindIII endonucleases could not restrict phage DNA. Proteome analysis showed 9 well separated bands on SDS PAGE.

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