Lead content in seeds of Sesamum (Sesamum indicum L. Var YLM - 11) grown at different soil lead amendments

Dr. Lakshmi, N.,

The present paper deals with lead (Pb) accumulation in seeds of Sesamum crop (Sesamum Indicum L.var YLM-11) grown in lead spiked soil. Pot experimental studies were conducted to study the Lead up take and accumulation in test crop (Sesamum indicum L.var YLM-11). The test species was grown in lead spiked soils in test concentrations of 23.6.mg/g, 236 mg/g and    2360 mg/g, besides an unspiked control which is at low available back ground concentration of 2.36mg/g. Lead content in range of 0-43.75 mg/g was found in seeds of test crop (Sesamum indicum L.var YLM-11) grown in soils amended with lead nitrate in various concentrations in range of 0-2360 µg/g lead. These seed lead content were far beyond the permissible limits of lead in vegetables by WHO/FAO. 

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