Lipid Profile in Diabetic Retinopathy

Dr. G. Anitha, and Dr. Shobharani, B


Aim: This study is aimed to assess the role of lipid profile in diabetic retinopathy.

Materials and Methods: The study comprised of 60 individuals of 30-60 yrs age group. Among those 20 were clinically diagnosed diabetic retinopathy cases (group A), 20 were diabetics without retinopathy (group B)and 20 were Nondiabetic normal healthy individuals (group c), and serum cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol  levels were estimated VLDL, LDL cholesterol levels were derived by Friedwalds formula and compared  in them.

Statistical Analysis: Results were analysed using epi info 3.5.4 by students t-test

Results Mean values of total serum cholesterol levels are202.8 ±41.78, 186.2 ±39.49, 163.6± 28.19 mg/dL, mean values of serum triglycerides are170.6±57.77, 151.48±56.04, 110.5±37.52 mg/dL, mean values of HDL cholesterol are 35.6±5.68, 36.75±4.06, 38.45±3.48mg/dL, mean values of LDL cholesterol are 133.19±46.28, 118.5±32.17, 102.85±29.96mg/dL, mean values of V-VLDL cholesterol are 34.09±11.47, 30.06±13.89, 22.25±7.58mg/dL in groups A,B,C respectively.

Conclusion: Mean values of lipid profile levels were not significantly higher in diabetic retinopathy cases (group A) when compared to diabetic controls without diabetic retinopathy (group B).mean values of total cholesterol and triglycerides are significantly raised in diabetic retinopathy cases (group A) when compared with nondiabetic normal healthy individuals (group C)

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