Malaria among pregnant women and children and the protective roles of ABO blood group and HB-genotype

Amala, Smart Enoch and Nwibani, Chidiebere Priscilla

The prevalence of malaria among pregnant women and children attending Agbonchia Health Centre Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria was investigated using thick and thin blood films stained with Geimsa. The prevalence of malaria among the pregnant women was 40.6%, the prevalence among children was 48.8%; whereas the overall prevalence was 40.8%. The prevalence of malaria by age groups showed that pregnant women between ages 21-35 yrs had prevalence of 10.4%-12.4%. Statistical analysis at p<0.05 did not show significant difference in prevalence of malaria by age groups among pregnant women; but there was significant difference among children from 0-4 yrs and the other age groups. Prevalence of malaria by ABO blood group, blood group O had high prevalence of malaria and less clinical episode than the non O blood group. The prevalence of malaria by Hb-genotype, HbAA had prevalence of 33.2% and HbAS 7.8% among pregnant women, while children HbAA was 39.6% and HbAS 9.2%.       Severe malaria by Hb-genotype, pregnant women HbAA 7.2% and HbAS 1.2%, whereas children HbAA 8.0% and HbAS 1.6%. Statistical analysis at p<0.05 showed significant difference in prevalence malaria between HbAA and HbAS among pregnant women and children. HbAS pregnant women and children had les clinical episode. Blood group O and HbAS protects against severe P. falciparum malaria in pregnancy and children.

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