Periodontal Vaccine – A Review

Dr. Shiva Manjunath, R. G., Dr. Arijit Sarkar, Dr. Deepak Singla, Dr. Akansha Singh, Dr. Subhango Chatterjee and Dr. Neeraj Chandra

Vaccination is a process that induces specific immune resistance to a bacterial or viral infection. Edward Jenner developed and established the principle of vaccination using the cross protection conferred by cowpox virus, which is non pathogenicin humans. With the rapid growth of microbial genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis tools we have the potential to examine all the genes and proteins from any human pathogen. This technique has the capability to provide us with new targets for anti-microbial drugs and vaccines. However, to realize this potential new bioinformatics and experimental approaches to select these targets from the myriad of available candidates are required.

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