Plant Growth Promotion by Cellulolytic Actinomycetes (EGAS) from the gut of Earthworm, Eisenia Foetida

Pavana Jyotsna, K. and Ramakrishna Rao, A.

The metabolic functions of earthworm intestinal microorganisms must be rigorously defined for better understanding of the role of earthworms in nature and their potential usage in bioconversion of unavailable carbon sources. However, little attention has been paid on this topic to learn the contributions of earthworm and its products to soil health. With the worldwide perspective, to help the environmentally safe soil ecosystem and vowing to the importance of earthworms and their effective role in degradation of cellulose. Actinomycete appears to play a great role in cellulose decomposition. The actinomycetes strains used in our laboratory have been isolated and maintained primarily by enrichment from gut of earthworm, Eisenia foetida. Locally available carbon sources as cellulosic forms were tested for the degradation, so that inoculants of actinomycete can be developed and supplemented as biofertilizers to the farmyard manure or directly added to the farm soil. Plant growth promotion directly by employing organism or indirectly using the enzyme has been evaluated to establish the influence of the organism on seed germination and plant growth.

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