Professional Woman of Jain Harivansh Puranaa

Dr. Alka Jain

Woman is aspecial creature of the human society, recognized in various leadership roles, be it business, politics, battle field or any other field. In India, the woman has always proved that she is no less than man. The author attempts to analyse professional status of the woman of Saurashtra, 1700 years ago from today through a few case studies available in Jain Harivansh Puranaa. Some historians believe that the story was delivered to the disciple Jinsen by his Guru Kirtisen, which, if believed, makes this analysis of the woman of an older era of say 600 years older. Hence the time frame of which we talk about woman’s situation in the economy is looked at in this time period only, the author has named it as’ Harivansh Puranaa era’ in further analysis. The book deals with the story of great personalities of Jaina community. The author has created a list of fifteen occupations/professions taken up by Jain Harivansh Puranaawomen.

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