Refocus and attack insulin resistance

Dr. Vijay B. S. Gaur and Dr. Bindu S. Gaur

Diabetes is the most wide-spread entity of the industrialized world. There is a great lack of awareness regarding this devastating pan-metabolic syndrome. Its complications being more lethal than diabetes per se. It has already reached epidemic proportions with more than 90% contribution from type- 2 diabetes mellitus. Insulin resistance has been less understood by the treating fraternity as well as the sufferer so we need to refocus our attention in the proper understanding as to its cause and correct remedial measures to be taken by the physicians so that the cardiovascular changes can be reversed timely by inculcating life-style changes through modifying our diets with the concept of low glycemic foods and regular exercise. Finally introducing into our life dietary nutritional supplements and thus living a healthier life by attacking insulin resistance and realizing the early signs of the same i.e Syndrome X.

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