Role of women in food security in Central Darfur State – Sudan

Adam Salih Abaker Sabahelkheir and Thabit Ahmed Hassan

Millions of people worldwide suffer from hunger and under nutrition. A major factor contributing to this international problem is food insecurity. The rainfed sub-sector accounts for 85 to 90 percent of agriculture area in Sudan. However, the major economic activities in Central Darfur State are based on traditional farming, and livestock production, since people depend mainly on rain fed agriculture. This research aims to study the role of women in food security in Central Darfur state. Results shows that (37.5%) of the respondents were male farmers, while female farmers constitute 62.5%, of the whole sample. Illiteracy is widespread among women, 64% of women are entirely illiterate (16 out of 25 woman), this percentage equals 94% of illiterates in the sample, of which only one man is found to be completely uneducated. The implication of this may be late adoption of innovation for newly introduced technologies.

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