Study of the outcome with respect to pneumonia severity index (psi) scoring system in community acquired pneumonia

Dr. Rohini Kumar Patel, Dr. D. Prashanta Kumar and Dr. Bichitrananda Roul

Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) remains a common and serious illness despite the availability of potent new anti-microbial agents and effective vaccines. In these study 200 cases of community acquired pneumonia. The cases included were patients aged more than 14 years admitted to the Dept. of Medicine, Dr. BRAM Hospital, Raipur fulfilling the specified inclusion criteria. It was found that CAP is one of the common infections of the respiratory tract. It occurs in all age groups, but the incidence is more with advancing age. Mortality rates progressively increase with increasing risk class in Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) severity scoring system. By using the knowledge of these criteria, patients of CAP can be better prognosticated as regards severity of their illness with consequently better triaging of patients, utilization of resources and appropriate treatment to improve the outcome in this disease.

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