A Study To Show The Relationship Between The Axial Length Of The Eye Ball and IOL(intraocular Lens), To Be Used during Cataract Surgery in Left Eyes in Chhatisgarh Region

Jagriti Agrawal, Bichitrananda Roul, Pradeep Jain and Meena Goyal

Different anatomical parameters of eye can give us very important values like power of IOL to be used after cataract surgery. In this study we have taken corneal diameter by keratometry and The axial length by ultrasound (A-scan) .This is a retrospective study done in a period of one year. Here those cases are taken in to consideration, those which were diagnosed as Immature or mature cataract and were advised for cataract extraction and IOL implantation of age group 50-80years. Total 200 cases were studied, out of which 100 are male and 100 female and we have studied the IOL requirement in Left eye only. The data which were collected were the  : (1)horizontal and Vertical curvature of cornea which was done by  keratometry,(2)axial length which was done by A scan and after applying the SRK-II formula The power of IOL required  was calculated. Then by using various statistical method the result was interpreted. It was found that there is correlation  between  ocular axial length with the  power of IOL to be used after cataract surgery. We observed as the axial length increases the power of IOL to be used decreases significantly .The trend remains same for male and female.

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